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Mike Hanson

Plenty of writers have delved deeply and profoundly into all aspects of human life, dark or otherwise, without drugs to drive them, and often to better effect than those who have used that catalyst. In writing, at least, intoxication and quality do not go hand in hand all that often, perhaps because you only get good at it after you've passed your rock 'n' roll years. There are exceptions, but they really had to commit and let the rest of their lives to turn to absolute shit or live as ascetics to make it work.


My brother Cel was just as talented, creative and passionate when he was not on drugs. Perhaps drugs lessened some public inhibitions, but what I think is that drugs became a part of his environment and then an addiction. I am not sure that he needed drugs in order to create, because he could create before the hard drugs... I also would trade any of his music and talent to have him alive and healthy these past 15+ years. I am sure your family would feel the same. Don't get me wrong, I think Possum Dixon is one of the best bands and I continue to listen to their music today. I just wish he wasn't gone. And it is important to remember that drugs are what did them in and that Cel fought his addiction until the end. Thank you for your post, for your kind words about his music.


Marijuana is a wonderful alternative. This is IMO why it was given to humanity...excluding obvious medicinal qualities in which it's also very effective. Depending on the method of interaction with it, it can be virtually harmless to your health (ie:eating, vaporizing). And the potential for addiction just really isnt there. But the best alternative to any substance is yourself. Basically these things are just a middleman to get to your sub-conscience and focus on creating. However, depending on the substance you can get "sensory-overload" as well. Too much information just breaks like a tidal wave and you're stuck taking it all in at once, and honestly, you can't even move to write it down or even fathom it all until its over(like DMT, the "Spirit Molecule") The ultimate way to gain this perception is to understand your ego and how it holds you back by meditation. Lots and lots of meditation. Soon you'll see more to the world than what you thought was there. It's also been found that DMT is released in the brain naturally when we sleep or in higher amounts when experienced meditation takes place. Some words to think about from an experienced psychonaut and musician who happened to scroll by reading into this Father John Misty fellow. Will def check Dixon out now too. Thanks.

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